wild (w)rites circles

“Our stories are medicine. When we have the courage to share something true about ourselves, we change. And the people who hear our stories change too.”


wild (w)rites circles are places where magic happens. It’s a simple process: listen, write, read, witness. Listen, write, read, witness. Like witches in coven mixing a brew, we gather (online or in the flesh). No more than eight of us. This space is intimate. Safe and sacred. There is no judgement here. No critique. No pressure to write well, though we may end up writing ourselves well.

This is a space to come undone. To peel away some of our hardened layers to reach the soft inside. To melt the frozen in our throats and name things as they are. Writing wild helps us loosen our belts a little, breathe a little more easy. We say ‘yes’ to the words and the stories coming through us. No more stifling. No more self-censoring. No more self-editing. And somewhere along the way, the ink spilled on the page changes us. Our allowing and noticing and listening true spills over into our day-to-day. More often than not, sharing our brave and naked voice on the page and in circle makes it want to live more freely in the world. So it does.

The process is the same each time. The magic, different. We each bring our own spice of life to the table. Our unique blends of love and loss and grief and fears. Of life lived. All is welcome here and all is necessary for the brew. We can’t mix the brew without you. Will you join us?

U N S P O O L 

The what:  6-week virtual timed writing circles for women
The when: Tuesdays, 6th September – 11th October (7-8.30pm London time)
The where:
on Zoom
The price: £107

This is an invitation to breathe out and unspool. To get a little naked. To risk being seen and heard. All of you. As you are. 

There are seven spots in this circle. Is one of them yours?

Fill in the form below to register your interest.
Or email hello@angelasflashes.co.uk.

I like to meet with all potential Unspoolers for 15 minutes on Zoom.
We’ll chat about your hopes and dreams for the group. I’ll let you know how wild (w)rites circles work.
Together we’ll discover  if U N S P O O L is the balm you need right now.  

The Wild Writing ™ process is Laurie Wagner’s creation. I am currently one of her teacher-in-training students.


    “Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul … It’s like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can’t stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people who are together on that ship.”
    Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird