Slices of Life

in 1500 words or less …

Angela’s Flashes is the art of capturing true things. Of crafting lasting impressions from fleeting moments that move, unravel or inspire.

It is plumbing the depths of  inner space; contemplating who the f*ck am I anyway and why am I here? It is lightening the darkness, weathering the storms. It is family, identity and (not so) special needs. It is learning to love a lumpy body and discovering what comes after this mid-life pause. Above all, it is about coming to understand the human experience and what lies beneath the stories we tell ourselves.

Stories feed us. Bind us. Restore us. If we pay attention, they can guide us back home. To the place where we are always enough. Sit with me a while. Soak up the landscape. Lose yourself in these stories. And in the softening, you may find your warm, wise, quietly wild self stirring.